Humidity-to-ElectricityGame-changing technology in Renewable Energy
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We want to make our planet greener, electrical energy clean and affordable for everyone.
What We Do
Energy independence and related to that security and sustainability is one of the biggest challenges for humanity
Existed renewable energy technologies alternative to fossil fuels cannot cover the global energy needs due to its negligible advancement
They work around its theoretical maximum and strongly depend on ambient conditions.
And we just couldn't stand away
Atmospheric Humidity to Electricity
So we developed a revolutionary technological solution for producing electrical energy through direct conversion of the humidity adsorption energy by elaborating a highly innovative “atmospheric humidity to electricity” converter device
It will give a New Source of Renewable Energy
with potential to provide ×500 times
the current global energy needs
Wind - 200x
Geotermal - 5x
Hydro - 1x
Biomass - 20x
Marine - 2x
Solar - 2 850x
How We Do It

Our humidity-to-electricity converter device combines at the micro-level a sequence- chain of physicochemical, physical, and electrophysical processes that take place on the interface of nanostructured oxide materials when interacting with water molecules from the surrounding atmosphere, thus enabling direct humidity adsorption – electrical energy conversion without consuming water.

Due to modularity, converter devices can be adapted to various appliances ranging from a large-scale energy production plant to a household or a non- profit organization in all environments where the relative humidity is over 30%.

Humidity to Electricity
Here at Cascatachuva we are providing “Humidity to Electricity” Technology to shape our future and assures the top Renewable Energy trends
Installation indoor or outdoor
Scalability over the XYZ axis
Installation is Less whimsical to deployment
Operation time is 24 / 7
Resource abundancy is 2 times higher comparing to PVs
Recycling Totally recyclable
These are the People That Make the Magic Happen
team member
We are developing a revolutionary technology, the application of which will create a new source of alternative energy, namely ambient humidity into electricity
Andriy Lyubchyk
team member
Cascatachuva has a very good balance between science and application, creating state-of-the-art science which brings our promising technology close to the market
Sergiy Lyubchyk
team member
The ambient humidity, which is present everywhere on Earth in the form of gaseous water molecules, is a huge reservoir of low-potential energy. Our humidity-to-electricity converter will make it possible to extract energy from the atmosphere and use it as an auxiliary source of electrical energy for a wide range of self-powered systems.
Igor Danilenko
team member
Alternative energy is absolutely necessary if we want to save the future of our planet. And I know that the implementation of this technology will contribute to it and, of course, light up our homes.
Artem Shylo
team member
An oasis in the desert is not just life, it is a natural prototype of the proposed device, which draws energy from the interaction of water and stone.
Oxana Gorban
team member
I am sure, that “Energy out of the Air” is seen as a near-universal alternative that is efficient and safe in hopes to achieve Energy Independence
Svitlana Lyubchyk
Now we are developing IP & raising A round
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